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Yellow Cab Employment Facts:

Since we operate 24/7 and don't take holidays off, we have a number of shifts available that are suitable for those looking for a second job, part-time job or flexible schedule needs. This includes veterans, students, homemakers, retirees,...

Do you want to drive with us?

1. Possess a clean driving record

2. Be clean and professional in both appearance & general behaviour

3. Be a Boise resident for 3 yrs (minimum)

4. Be familiar with the most recent editions of the DTG Brand Ada and Canyon County Map Books. 

5. Own a smartphone with GPS capabilities.
6. Be knowledgeable of Boise and the surrounding area
7. Full understanding of English language
8. Possess a Cab License or be willing and able to take and pass this exam.
9. Be able to successfully pass a State & Federal criminal background check


Cab Drivers Licenses are Regulated and Issued by the City of Boise and require a State and Federal Background Check and a DOT Physical.

The Total Cost for your 1st cab license is about $190 (depending on the Medical Examiner you choose).

If you have questions concerning your eligibility for a City of Boise cab Drivers License, visit the City Clerk's Office at City Hall or contact them at 384-3710. 

All of our vehicles have been on the road less than 2 years! Please note that there are some cab drivers who used to work for the previous owners of Yellow Cab Boise are still carrying the branding despite it being against regulations. City Hall as been notified. 

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HQ: Boise, Idaho, United States

Yellow Cab Boise serves the treasure valley

208-333-0333 / 208-345-5555