Helpful Details and FAQs Regarding Our Service:

At Yellow Cab Boise, we run an honest, reliable, fun and friendly cab service. We are a metered cab company that follows standard Boise regulations. There are VIP/Preferred Customer discounts available upon our discretion.
Below we've also covered some of the general areas of concern and some FAQs we are commonly asked. If you have any questions regarding the information you see here, or to reserve your cab, call 208-333-0333 or 208-345-5555 today!

In most cities in the United States, including Boise, it is considered a standard but not required that you tip your driver. Over 35 years of cab service experience has demonstrated that tips of approximately 15-20% are considered normal and are always very much appreciated. Tips tend to make up a large part of any cab's driver's take-home income.

Reservations are a key part of our dedication to better serving all of your ride-sharing or cab service needs. We pride ourselves on maintaining a loyal customer base, gained over the years by offering exceptional customer service.

Our dispatch staff is on duty, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to assist you when you need us.

We encourage you to make advanced reservations for your cab needs during times that
generally see an increase in traffic and cab service needs, including:

• During conventions

• Early mornings or Evenings

• During extreme weather
• During high-volume hours to/from the Boise Airport or B.S.U.

•Pet accommodations are needed

 Additional Helpful FAQs to answer common questions:

• Please remember to allow some leeway in regards to your reservation time. Cab services are often pressed by demands and may require a few additional minutes to meet your request. 

• It is considered acceptable to "hail" or "flag" a metered cab in Boise. However, if the cab is already en route to pick up another customer, they may not be available for your hail or flag at that time.

• Is it possible to ask a driver to stop and wait if I need to run into an office building or store for something? Absolutely. You are allowed to make stops whenever necessary. However, the driver can require payment to ensure that you do return, or that you have paid for your trip and waiting time, in case they anticipate any problems. This rarely happens.

• Is it possible to drive to the another city from Boise cost effectively?

Certainly! Contact us for "rack rate" options and to book your reservation! 

• We do have pet-friendly vehicles. 

• We do offer discounted rates from city to city. (Example: Emmett to Nampa)

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HQ: Boise, Idaho, United States

Yellow Cab Boise serves the treasure valley

208-333-0333 / 208-345-5555

Reservations must be for outside of the next 12-hour window. 

Call us if you need a ride in the next 12 hours! 

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