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Yellow Cab Boise serves the treasure valley

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Book Your Ride Ahead Of Time!

Reservations must be for outside of the next 12-hour window. 

Call us if you need a ride in the next 12 hours! 

Professional and Secure Cab Services You Can Count On!

When you search for images of a cab or ride-sharing, you find Yellow for a reason. We are the worldwide symbol for a reliable ride.

Everyone deserves a safe, fun, knowledgeable and low-cost ride to their destination. 

The simple truth is we care about the security and happiness of all of our passengers. Yellow Cab is known as one of the best transportation options between our friendly drivers and competitive rates.  For your protection, ALL Yellow Cab drivers are fingerprinted and vetted by the Boise City Hall officials to eliminate illegals drivers and persons with criminal records, unlike some other transportation companies or options. 

We have expansive experience and knowledge in serving all of the popular and exciting tourist locations and attractions throughout the Treasure Valley as well as the Boise airport, any business, nightclub, restaurant, shopping center, community center and/or medical facility. In fact, we’re the exclusive cab provider for the many hotels around Boise. We are confident that you will be happy with our services and our drivers.

Why Should You Choose
Yellow Cab Boise?

  • Reservations can be made online…
    • You can also call or use our app!
  • 24/7 service... don't be restricted by a driver based schedule system.
  • Great rates to the Boise Airport
  • Excellent service to Downtown and Boise State University
  • Updated Fleet! All of our official yellow cab vehicles have been professionally on the road for less than 2 years! 
  • Eco-friendly fueled cabs! 
  • We've always smart dispatched to avoid customers wasting time and drivers extra cost! (Not just a recent addition...)
  • Loyal Customer, Corporate accounts and other discounts options available
  • Proudly serving passengers since the 1970's
  • We accept all major credit cards, cash, and PayPal
  • Yellow Cab doesn't have a cancellation fee because we understand plans change.
  • Our drivers go through physicals, to ensure that no matter happens, you're safe and protected.
  • Our drivers are dedicated to being able to transport you via the best route available. If you don't like what the GPS offers or what the driver suggests then feel free to navigate us how you desire! We don't mind a "back-seat driver". 

Source: cifraser1

Yellow Cab Boise